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Create new brand & Website

Jamie Snell is Platinum London based mixer with a reputation for working with modern alternative leaning pop artists. He has mixed singles for artists such as Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding, The Vamps, Gracey, Claudia Valentina, Noah Cyrus and Ashwarya amongst others.

We created a new brand identity for Jamie and brought it to life online.

Relish Integrated web design jayeks website
Relish Integrated web design jayeks website mobile


Built on Wordpress for easy updating

We built the site on WordPress so that Jamie and his team could update the site themselves as they added new work in the months and years to come.


Relish 'Coffee Pot' brand framework

We took Jamie and his team through our branding process to get to the heart of his brand personality.

We created a brand essence of ‘Amplifying Artistry’ at the centre of his new brand. This highlighted Jamie’s unique skill in working with music artists to uncover their vision and nurturing this in the creative mixing process.

Relish Integrated brand framework brand coffee pot


Amplifying Artistry

‘Jayeks’ was the professional name Jamie was working under which we translated to ‘Jx’. ‘J’ for ‘Jamie’ and ‘x’ being the multiplication/amplification which Jamie brought to the work of artists such a Dua Lipa.

Jayeks logo on cap

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