The ’Creator‘ brand archetype

What do Lego, Honda and Adobe have in common? They are all ‘creator’ brand archetypes, driven by the need to innovate and provide structure and order for all.

The Relish Brand Coffee Pot strategy system uses multiple tests to uncover who you are as a brand. These test include the ‘dimension test’, ‘opposites test’, and the 12 part ‘brand archetype’ test – a system invented by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Our strategic approach crafts a unique identity for our clients – helping them build a deep connection with their audience.

  • ‘Creator’ brands want to create and uncover originality.
  • They are inspiring, daring and provocative.
  • They celebrate self-expression.
  • Their strategy is to unlock imagination.

Honda increased sales by 23% by expressing their 'Creator' brand archetype.

In 2002 the Honda Motor Company was doing well in Japan and the United States, but were flagging in Europe. When they launched the “The Power of Dreams” campaign sales increased in Europe alone by 23%. The sentiment wasn’t simply invented, it was true to the brand. The tagline and positioning built upon Honda’s company slogan ‘‘Yume No Chikara,’’ which translated into English means to ‘‘see’’ one’s dreams.

They are a brand that continues to define everything they do around their creator archetype, even how they market. In 2017 they decided to ditch their “short-form, attention-grabbing marketing of old” in favour of longer format, storytelling and advertorial content. All formats better suited in engaging with their audience creatively – pushing their content dwell times to over 4 minutes.

It isn't just the obvious brands who are 'creator' archetypes.

It’s not just playful businesses like Lego and Adobe that originate in this creator territory. Our recent work in redefining the brand strategy for artificial intelligence company, uncovered their primary archetype as being that of a ‘creator’. Our brand research phase showed that they scored highly for innovation and taking a different approach in automating human to machine interactions. One based on delight and going beyond the norm.

We always use an ‘archetypal mix’ when defining a brand personality. This is to create differentiation and avoid a one dimensional brand personality. For their primary brand archetype is a ‘creator’ and their secondary is a ‘sage’, drawing on their award winning technical innovation.

Brand Coffee Pot for

Uncover your brand archetype 
and brand-on-a-page coffee pot.

We believe simple works, so our system demystifies brand strategy. Our unique ‘brand coffee pot’ is the antidote to the complicated brand book we all know and hate. It simply explains the most important key elements of a brand on a single page.

We start with an online questionnaire that your key team complete. We then analyse the results and present your brand framework and draft brand coffee pot and brand essence. The process usually takes about a week and becomes a crucial launchpad to not just your marketing communications but also to your business growth strategy.


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