The ’Everyman‘ brand archetype

Some brands we connect with and some we don’t. All brands want to connect with their customers but how? Is it through clever design, great copy or maybe more advertising spend? The fact is that it starts with science – or more accurately brand psychology. It’s this brand strategy approach that will reveal not just your brand archetype but the language and system you need to attract customers and keep them.

The Relish Brand Coffee Pot strategy system uses multiple tests to uncover who you are as a brand. These test include the ‘dimension test’, ‘opposites test’, and the ‘brand archetype’ test – a 12 part system invented by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

  • ‘Everyman’ brands want everyone to belong.
  • They are friendly, genuine, easy-going and positive.
  • They pursue connection and a sense of belonging.
  • Everyman strategy: Create an authentic community.

Johnnie Walker – an Everyman brand.

Johnnie Walker somehow appeal to everyone from the whisky connoisseur to the cheap supermarket whisky crowd. It’s a deliberate brand strategy.

Like most Everyman brands, they are based on the dreams and vision of a relatable founder. The story of Johnnie Walker is that of a family orientated man who started as a grocer selling his own whisky.

Outworking their brand archetype wasn’t just about marketing, it has informed their product range too. Their ‘Flavour for everyone’ campaign created 6 flavours, each with a different meaning. Having this spectrum meant they were able to immediately point to a wide range of choice, attracting a wider range of customers and meaning that once engaged, they were less likely to switch to a competitor.

People and brands are not one-dimensional. To stand out requires an 'archetypal mix'.

Brands, like people aren’t one-dimensional, we are more sophisticated and interesting than that. Having an ‘archetypal mix’ is therefore critical to creating differentiation and avoiding becoming forgettable or bland. When we rebranded Ground Coffee earlier this year we identified their core archetype as Everyman and secondary archetype as Lover. This helped create a unique brand true to the spirit and passion of the founder and his team.

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The Ground Coffee Society Brand Coffee Pot

Uncover your brand archetype and brand-on-a-page coffee pot.

We believe simple works, so our system demystifies brand strategy. Our unique ‘brand coffee pot’ is the antidote to the complicated brand book we all know and hate. It simply explains the most important key elements of a brand on a single page.

oWe start with an online questionnaire that your key team complete. We then analyse the results and present your brand framework and draft brand coffee pot and brand essence. The process usually takes about a week and becomes a crucial launchpad to not just your marketing communications but also to your business growth strategy.

Contact us to uncover your brand archetype mix and create your brand coffee pot 

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