Launching an airplane without an airplane

Launching the new Qantas A380 airplane in the UK to journalists and key customers, without having a plane.

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    Qantas Airways


Launch the new Qantas A380 to the UK press

Qantas Airways asked us to launch their new A380 in the UK to press and key customers. We had already launched their Skybed Business Class seat, designed by Marc Newson, who had gone on to design the entire new interior cabin of their new A380.

Our challenge was that press (who were mostly based in London) were unlikely to attend an event at Heathrow for an airline which was third to market with the A380. It also became clear that we were unlikely to be able to use the one plane they had in service as part of the launch.

Qantas A380 airplane – the opening frame of film for launch of the new product
Qantas A380 iMax film

We used a mix of real footage, interviews with Mac Newson and CGI to create a 26 minute film and chose the biggest screen in London at the IMAX Waterloo to present it. This would allow our audience to virtually enjoy the new onboard experience at a convenient location and differentiate Qantas from the normal airplane launch.

To entice our audience we sent them a high-impact direct mail containing a branded ‘view master’ with 3D stereoscopic images of the plane and onboard experience. The direct mail generated a response rate of 72% and helped fill the IMAX for the 2 day event.


Percent response
rate to direct mail
Visitors attend event

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