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Running this coffee company for nearly 12 years had certainly diminished my excitement for its future... Going through this project with you and @relishagency has most definitely reignited that excitement. It’s been such a pleasure having you work with us on this brand development project. Thank you 🙏🏼

Dave Dickenson, Ground CEO


Breath new brand purpose and creative life into coffee company

The Ground Coffee Society have been roasting and producing amazing coffee for over 10 years. But their business had changed from running ‘brick-and-mortar’ London cafés to a new ‘click/pop-up’ model serving online customers and supplying businesses and events with wholesale coffee.

We redefined what their brand stood for and brought this to life across digital and print.

Relish Integrated website design coffee company Ground Coffee Society

Relish Integrated brand strategy brand framework coffee company Ground Coffee Society


Relish ‘Coffee Pot’ brand framework

We took the Ground Coffee team through our branding process to get to the heart of what their brand stood for and provide clear direction for all new creative and written comms.

Using our unique brand ‘coffee pot’ and brand archetype process we uncovered a new brand mission and essence focused in ‘enriching everyone’. This expressed their passion for creating coffee which wasn’t just great for coffee fans but also for the coffee farmers, growers, communities and the planet.

Full suite of new brand assets

The new brand framework informed all new integrated creative. ‘Life and vitality’ were expressed through everything from the choice of typefaces through to the styling of brand lifestyle photography. Natural tones, plant foliage, sunlight and life expressed a brighter, better society where everyone is lifted by exceptional coffee, sustainably produced and delivered to customers.

The brand came to life across all brand communications; logo marque, tone of voice, photography, art direction, e-commerce website, packaging, social and print.

Relish Integrated print design coffee company Ground Coffee Society

Every detail expressed the new brand

We designed, wrote and produced a new brochure to convey the refreshed brand to wholesale and event clients.

Sustainability is an obvious issue with print so we were careful in selecting the right paper stock whilst maintaining the highest levels of production. With this in mind, the brochure cover was printed on paper made from five recycled coffee cups via CupCycling in a zero waste process and text pages were printed on 100% recycled stock.

Relish Integrated responsive website design coffee company Ground Coffee Society

Responsive e-commerce website

The main new touchpoint for the brand was the creation of a new website to service subscription coffee customers and attract new wholesale and event customers.

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