Tesco Jack’s launch

Video and social content to help launch Tesco’s new British discount supermarket chain Jack‘s to UK media and internal employees.

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Launch Jack‘s to the nation with an immersive film

Tesco wanted to mark the beginning of their centenary year with an immersive film for staff & press that would convey the values of their founder Jack Cohen, and how his ethos for ‘value‘ is still very much central to the Tesco today and core to the new ‘Jacks‘ grocery brand.

We devised a 10 minute animated film which premiered on an immersive wrap-around screen to Tesco‘s managers at the NEC in Birmingham and then to press and investors in a vacant retail space next to the first Jack‘s store in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.

Animated digital event content creation for Tesco
Tesco Jack's 100 years of value

The film was a mix of 2D animation, interviews and historic footage all set in a rich, layered, technicolour landscape which transported the viewer through the decades as the timeline progressed.

It was important the film was not just a dry history lesson but something that was entertaining, humble and real in its narrative. Getting the right tone in scripting was critical, as was choice of ‘narrator’ – for which we chose English presenter and comedian Arthur Smith for his no-nonsense, East End London vibe.


Minute immersive film
Films for social and
digital marketing
Animated digital event content creation for Tesco
Super wide 70:9 ratio for immersive film


Making the budget
go further.

The film had to work in extreme formats from super wide 70:9 to standard 16:9 and square for social. We devised a way to work with all these formats in mind from the start saving tens of thousands in costs and weeks in production time in not having to re-composite for every screen ratio.

The film was so successful that following the event Tesco licenced the film content in entirety for use across media, press and internal channels throughout 2019 – their Centenary year.

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