Launching fitness tech

Integrated launch campaigns for a brand new product line from Epson – Sensewear wearable fitness technology products. Launching both products in Europe at the same time.

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Launch campaigns for two different fitness products with limited budget

Runsense is a GPS running watch whilst Pulsense is a general fitness heart rate wristband – one targeted serious runners and the other everyday general fitness.

We created one campaign idea with two different messages: DARE YOURSELF with Runsense to go further thanks to its extended battery time, and EVERYTHING COUNTS with Pulsense so you can keep track of all-day light cardio activity with its heart rate and 24hr activity monitor.

Having one idea strong enough to flex across both products meant we could maximise the amount of assets generated from photography and filming – enabling the budget to go further.

Integrated Campaign Elements

YouTube films
Print advert
PR images
Social media
Digital advertising campaign for fitness tech
Pulsense YouTube film
Digital advertising campaign for fitness tech
Runsense YouTube film


Emotionally inspiring
social media campaign.

The focus of the campaign across social was to create emotionally inspiring, positive messages of encouragement. We encouraged runners to dare to go further and experience more; and encouraged our wider audience that fitness wasn’t daunting and can start with making simple decisions every day like taking the stairs instead of the lift.

For PR images we maximised stills photography opportunities during the the film and advertising shoots. We also conceived specific PR shots with a gritty urban gym vibe all shot in studio.
All photography © Del Manning.

B2C social media advertising campaign for fitness tech
PR content photography for Epson

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