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Encourage office workers to work local

Helping Britain get back to work

This is a project and campaign that we have really loved working on because it is so close-to-home for all of us.

Millions of office workers in the UK were forced to work from home because of COVID, often in unsuitable and isolated conditions. Phlex was created to bring co-working to the masses. It’s doing this by creating co-working spaces to pubs, restaurants, hotels and coffee shops across the country, so office workers could ‘cancel the commute’ and work local. Creating a better working world for millions of office workers. And at the same time helping many small local hospitality businesses prosper again.

Responsive Web UX, UI design fro clients such as Phlex

Strategic insights

Connecting with office workers

Our brand process identified three insights. These became key to our campaign and messaging, connecting with UK office workers forced to work form home.

  1. The desire to stay connected to their local community
  2. Benefit of cost and time saved by not commuting to work
  3. Loss of productivity and increased isolation caused by home-working
We produce brand guidelines documents for clients such as Phlex


Brand strategy and tone of voice

We created a brand pyramid ‘coffee pot’ which simply defined the unique brand attributes and the core essence at the heart of the new brand. From here we wrote a brand manifesto, expressing the tone of voice, personality and brand vision and mission.

We designed the brand marque to give a feel of modernity and warmth with the twist of ‘flex’ expressed in the folding ‘e’ letterform. The brand colour of luminous green was chosen for maximum window decal impact as well as pointing to the environmental benefits of us all working closer to home.

We designed, wrote and created a fully responsive website with a Phlex co-working space finder.

Phlex ‘Work Local’ integrated activation campaign

To activate the brand we devised and created a WORK LOCAL campaign to encourage office workers to support their local economy and ‘cancel the commute’. Strong, clean design with the Phlex primary electric green helped the message stand out and achieve cut-through.

The ‘work local’ graphic was applied across multiple applications including facility window decals, A-boards, social media assets, t-shirts and co-worker starter kits.

We needed to refresh our branding and website and the insights Relish brought were very valuable. Relish is an extraordinary agency and I am delighted with the outcome of this project.
Caroline Sumners

Co-Founder, Phlex

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