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Create a website that fans can be part of

award winning creative agency Relish Integrated

Ali Lacey, better known as Novo Amor is a Welsh producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and sound designer, who rose to prominence after the release of his debut EP Woodgate, NY in March 2014.

He wanted to create a new web presence that reflected the vibe of his new 2020 album Cannot Be, Whatsoever and also create a community for his fans online.

Fan engagement

Pinning memories onto the world

We kept the site design clean and minimal and used playful embroidered artwork elements from the new album cover which had been embroidered by textile artist Tilleke Schwarz. 

To engage fans we created a map of the world on the home page where they could ‘pin’ their memories from Novo Amor concerts, fan art or music covers by simply linking to their existing social posts.

Campaign Results

Percent increase in all streaming channels
Percent increase in YouTube views
Fan submissions in first 2 months
Sandbox Gold Award for 'Best use of UGC 2020'
Website design for music artists Novo Amor

Award winning UGC design

The site launched in October 2020 via an announcement from Ali on social media. Immediately hundreds of fans across the world posted their Novo Amor inspiration onto the home page map.

Key to its engagement success was ensuring the experience was frictionless for fans. To add a pin to the map they simply have to post a link from their Instagram, YouTube, TikTok accounts or upload an image file.

Home page design of Novo Amor website by Relish Integrated

Successful fan engagement

Within 1 month of starting the campaign, Novo Amor’s streaming numbers have gone up by 40% across the board. This statistic was pulled ahead of the album’s release on 6th November, so only factors in the pre-release part of the campaign. Much larger growth is expected once the full body of work is released.

The campaign also uncovered talented fans across the world, with Novo Amor already commissioning a video from one fan in South Korea.

Due to the pandemic Novo Amor still won’t be able to tour in 2021 but the new site will help him connect to his growing fanbase and discover and collaborate with more talented fans.

The site continues to receive new pins every week.

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