Bringing home sales for iconic Danish AV brand

Global campaign to encourage sales of B&O in-room audiovisual equipment in the enterprise hotel sector – an area the brand had previously struggled to penetrate in volume.

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    Campaign, Creative

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    Art Direction, Print, Photography

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    Bang & Olufsen


Develop a campaign to unlock sales in the hotel sector

Bang & Olufsen is the pinnacle of icon design and best in class audio quality, but the premium the brand demanded made it a hard sell to hoteliers. Our strategy was to create a guide of hotels which featured B&O. The guide would give hotels who installed B&O access to a over a million global consumers searching for their next hotel-stay.

It couldn’t be ‘just another hotel guide’ –  it needed a strong emotional connection with B&O customers. We unlocked the insight that B&O fans staying at these hotels would have the familiarity of ‘home’ –  being able to still enjoy their beloved B&O entertainment away from home. So we christened the guide Hygge – a Danish word that expresses a strong sense of well being and belonging.

Integrated Campaign Elements

Percent increase in
enterprise sales
In-store demonstrations
Copies printed and distributed


Campaign extended
to drive new customers in store.

The Hygge hotel guide was so well received that we were asked by Bang & Olufsen to extend the guide online and to create a direct mail campaign – encouraging customers to go in-store for a demo of the new BeoVision 7 TV in exchange for a free copy.

A unique and authentic expression of our brand and simply the most excellent and creative publication by Bang & Olufsen for a long time.

CEO, Bang & Olufsen

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